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Biographie As we all know that gospel music started in Africa in history, so Africa has now taken its dominance back from the western world.

Most significantly, the hymns were syncopated that is, they were recast rhythmically by accentuating normally weak beats. Among the first hymnals to use this modified musical style was The Harp of Zion, published in 1893 and readily adopted by many Black congregations.

The immediate impetus for the development of this new, energetic, and distinctly Black gospel music seems to have been the rise of Pentecostal churches at the end of the 19th century. Pentecostal shouting is related to speaking in tongues and to circle dances of African origin.

Recordings of Pentecostal preachers’ sermons were immensely popular among Black Americans in the 1920s, and recordings of them along with their choral and instrumental accompaniment and congregational participation persisted, so that ultimately Black gospel reached the white audience as well.

This year of the annual African Gospel Music Awards will acknowledge and award some outstanding artists in Africa for their immense contribution to the success of the African Gospel Music.


Neema Gospel Choir


Walter Chilambo

Empress Gifty

Lord Kenya

Mercy Masika

Evelyn Wanjiru A.

Guardian Angel Global

Moses Bliss

Xolani Mdlalose

Ayanda Ntanzi

Nqubeko Mbatha

Zanele Mbokazi

Ntokozo Mbambo

Canaan Nyathi

My Joyous Celebration 
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